Some of Our Customers' Testimonials

"I recently had new headshots taken with Natela and had such a wonderful afternoon working with her. Natela was very friendly and outgoing and works in a very relaxed yet totally professional manner making me feel comfortable and at ease the whole time. Natela then sent me a link for all my photos that evening in record time and I was so thrilled with the results. My pictures looked fantastic all shot in natural lighting. Thank you so much Natela."
   - Amanda Marsden

“Simply an amazing and unique photographer. When Natela was showing some of the photos back to me, all I could reply with was that they were the best photographs of me... EVER”
   - Nick Kehagias 

 “Natela made me feel comfortable and at ease with the photo shoot and encouraged me to be myself, the results were great as we got a variety of photos focusing on different personality traits - she lets her subjects flourish and then captures the moment beautifully.”
   - Yasmine Mustafa

“Not only is Natela's work beautiful, but the experience of working with her was such an enjoyable one! Natela is so easy to relate to and so warm and relaxed, that she immediately puts you at ease. Her sense of humour and the way in which she plays with new ideas for shots that come to her as she works with you, helps to find exactly the look and feeling you're looking for in your photos. I'm so happy with all Natela's headshots, that she has made picking a 'Main Headshot', a tough choice!”
   - Ami Starre

"Thanks a lot Natela for the lovely pictures. It was great to work with you, you made me feel totally comfortable and gave me the exact results that I wanted. Natela, you're a great photographer. I am truly pleased with all the headshots. Highly recommended!"
   - Suyasha Sitaula

"Loved working with Natela. She is a true professional with a great vision. She made me feel so at ease and relaxed, the session was more like enjoying a conversation with an old friend, and the shots came out just amazing. The price is a great value for money, so I would recommend to make a booking asap before Natela becomes too popular and her rates sky rocket."
   - Natalia Zmicerevska

"Had such an amazing time with Natela! Very comfortable to work with and captures the most amazing photos. I would highly recommend her. When i need my headshots updated again, i know where to go! Many many thanks."
   - Nicky Pastor

"I had a great time with Natela. Was made very comfortable for my 1st time having headshots done. Professional, hands on, enthusiastic & great with the camera. Highly recommended."
   - Kyle Walbank

Just had the most beautiful headshots done by Natela. OMG how to make a 66 year old look good - they are awesome and I am so thrilled. We had such a ball, laughing and chatting together I really don't know where the time went. If you want a great photographer, professional and fun to work with Natela is it and more.”
   - Sandy Velini

"Natela captures those perfect headshots in interesting and unusual locations. Her eye for detail and background are second to none. A very relaxed yet professional experience I would definitely recommend."
   - Terry Matthews

“Thank you soo much for your taking time to arrange a photo shoot for me in such short notice. My headshots are fantastic.. I had a lot of fun doing it. You are very supportive and encouraging! And I honour you experience in photography!!”
   - Arvind Jador

"My session with Natela was in Sydney near Observatory Hill Park. She was thoughtful, patient and creative in her approach and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is great with a fast turnaround. I couldn’t be happier with my selection and would highly recommend Natela!" 
   - Alena Soboleva